Global Gender Regimes

Introduction to Regime Types


Based on:  Huber, Evelyne and John D. Stephens.  2000.  ÒPartisan Governance, WomenÕs Employment, and the Social Democratic Service State.Ó  American Sociological Review 64(3):  323-342.


See pg. 328 Table of Types of Welfare States (see also footnote 8:  based on Esping-AndersonÕs classifications (1990)


Social Democratic (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)


Christian Democratic (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland)


Liberal (Australia, Canada, UK, US)


Difference among regime types

       Size of Public Sector (measured by % employed in government)

       Means of service delivery – Public delivery (centralized welfare state) or Decentralized delivery (private sector, non-profits, churches)



Analyze Data



Findings:  Social Democratic party control and constitutional design (more centralized; fewer veto points) PLUS strong womenÕs labor force participation led to pressures for welfare state expansion and public service delivery


Interactive effect, reinforcing phenomena


The Spectrum of Political Ideologies

European spectrum



US Spectrum


Two axes Spectra