Global Gender Regimes
Lecture Notes

Introduction to Global Gender Studies
Intro to the Vocabulary of Global Feminism
Measuring and Comparing Women's Status

Intro to Gender Regimes
Components of Gender Regime
Gender Regime Table


Introduction to Regime Types


Women’s Work

Women on the Move in a Globalizing World

Global Woman


Women in Politics, esp. in US


Women and Religion


Assessing Women's Status
Progress of the World’s Women 2000 Report

UNIFEM 2002 Report

Economics and Empowerment

Rights and Targets

First World Women and Intro to Data/Indicators

Gender Stats on US, Western Europe, Eastern Europe


Gender and International Political Economy
Gender Makes the World Go Round:  An Introduction to Gender and International Political Economy

Gender and IPE in the Global South

Disposable Women and Other Myths of Capitalism

Gender and Globalization


Gender and Population Pressures

Bare Branches
Chapters 1 and 2

Women In the US

The Price of Motherhood
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3


Lean In

Women in Post-Communism, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS
Brunell Article on Marginalization and Domestic Violence in Poland
Marginalization and Domestic Violence
Stats Comparing Women in W Europe, E Europe and US
East Europe's Greatest Commodity:  Its Women


Women in Latin America
Women in Light Industry
Women in Latin America
Stats on Women in Latin America

Women in South Asia

India's Missing Females

The Price of Honor
    Chpts. 1-2
    Chpts. 3-4


Women and Resistance in Afghanistan

Stones into Schools

     Foreward, Intro, Prologue, Investment in Girls


Women in China and SE Asia

China's Missing Females
Women and Militarism