Women in Comparative Societies
Components of Gender Regimes


Women’s Economic Behavior
Household Labor

“the second shift”

*If women’s household duties were included, the worlds GDP would increase by 25%


Why do women do more? (In Burn, see Figure 5.1)

      Time availability perspective

      Relative resources perspective

      Gender perspective


Child Rearing


Informal Labor Sector


Formal Labor Sector

      % women employed (see Box 5.1)


Part-time workers

Worldwide, women comprise 2/3 of part-time workers

One in four women is employed part-time


Gender occupational segregation

Half of all workers in world are in jobs dominated by one gender


Lowest in Thailand (25%), US (37%) Russia (35%),Hong Kong (40%)


Gender pay gap

            in manufacturing  


% in admin/mgmt (see Appendix)

            glass ceiling




Does it make it a difference?

What does?




Feminist Critiques of