Whither A Sectarian Institution in a Secular World?
Hugh Lefcort
Gonzaga Socratic Club
Friday, October 14, 2005

- A view from a non-Catholic outsider.

- Is there an inherent conflict between a parochial institution and a secular society?

- Do ideas that stem from the 1960’s such as inclusiveness, moral equivalency, and correct speech, conflict with a sectarian existence?

- If academia currently views all religions as just manifestations of one ultimate ecumenical ideal, then how can Catholics maintain their distinct identity?   

- What can one teach when God is defined by the lowest common denominator?

- Can a university’s teachings be more specific than “God is your buddy who wants you to be happy” and “Be nice to others”?

- Can a Catholic university teach according to, rather than about, Church doctrine without being called insensitive to other faiths?  

-  Is it right to take a Catholic parent’s money and not deliver the expected Catholic product?

- Is it inevitable that all religious universities dissipate into the ether?