Why does this happen?  Two changes in the network economy result in the need for self-programmable workers.

                                speedy time                            +                                 flexible time

                                                = need for self-programmable workers
Because of the increased flow (in information, markets, commodities, labor) in the networked economy, workers need to function on both speedy time and flexible time.  Flexible time itself requires panopticism, because workers cannot be trusted to work on their own at home unless they have internalized the gaze of the manager.

Thus, Himanen accounts for the rise of the Personal Development (PD) culture.  PD is the programming manual for achieving maximal effectiveness (and security) in the new, free-flowing economy.

Whereas Taylorism focused upon maximizing the efficiency of the physical movements of workers (and, for their own good, I might add), PD focuses upon making one's own inner life move optimally.