Foley Center Criminal Justice Videos

Biology and Crime
HV6115.B56 (1985)
The relationship of biological factors and a disposition to commit crimes.

Crime and Insanity
KF4550.A1C66 No.5 (1983)
A discussion of the insanity plea. Is it a legal tactic to beat the system or a merciful tool used to excuse the mentally ill from responsibility. Also discusses the McNaghten rule.

Crime and Punishment
KF4550.A1C66 No.6 (1983)
A discussion of the 8th amendment. What does it mean in the prisons today? Also discussed are alternatives to prison.

Criminal Justice: Defendants right to a fair trial
KF4550.A1C66 No.4 (1983)
A discussion of defendants rights vs. citizens rights to safety on our streets. Also discussed are the 5th and 6th amendments.

Deadly Force
HV8141.D42 (1985)
Differing viewpoints on when police should use deadly force.

Death Penalty
HV8699.U5D42 (1985)
Opposing points of view regarding the moral, legal, and practical issues of the death penalty controversy.

Domestic Violence
KF9320.D64 (1985)
Aspects of police response, focusing on a Minneapolis study that tested the effect of arresting violent spouses.

Drugs: Legalization
KF3890.D78 (1990)
A panel discussion of the pros and cons of legalizing drugs. Focus on the Dutch policies of decriminalizing "soft" drugs.

Exclusionary Rule
KF9662.E92 (1984)
A debate of issues regarding the rule that prohibits judges from admitting evidence acquired in violation of a defendant's constitutional rights.

From Fedoras to Flak Jackets
HV8144.F43F76 (1995)
History of the F.B.I. Explores the tension between Hoover's powerful legacy and the Bureau's need to adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Gun Control
HV6791.G86 (1985)
The experiences of the States where gun control laws have been enacted.

House Arrest
HV8735.H68 (1986)
Florida's statewide house arrest program, one approach to alleviating prison crowding.

Insanity Defense
KF9242.I57 (1985)
A debate on the desirability of the insanity defense and the adequacy of laws regarding its use.

Inside the Jury Room
KF8972.I68 (1986)
An unprecedented look inside the jury room during deliberations. Examines the process of group dynamics and the psychology of the deliberations and procedure.

Jobs and Crime
HV6171.J62 (1985)
The relationship between general economic conditions and the crime rate.

Juvenile Rehabilitation
HV9104.J98 (1990)
Alternative to the traditional prison setting for juvenile offenders. Ohio vs. California approach examined.

Legacy of the Hollywood Blacklist
PN1993.5.U6L43 (1987)
History of the Hollywood Ten. Includes excerpts of their testimony to the House on Unamerican Activities. Includes interviews with survivors and family members. Illustrates the subjective view of crime.

Making a Dishonest Buck
HG335.M34 (1992)
Discusses the problem of counterfeiting with modern technological equipment, and the Secret Service's strategies for dealing with threats to our currency.

Men, Sex, and Rape
HV6561.M46 (1991)
Discussion of sex and aggression from a man's perspective. Men's definition of what rape really is.

Murder, Rape, and DNA
RA1057.55.M87 (1993)
True crime stories of how scientific DNA typing solved crimes of rape and murder. DNA was crucial evidence.

Predicting Criminality
HV6035.P73 (1985)
Dilemmas posed by efforts to protect the community by identifying potential repeat offenders.

Presumed Innocent
An inside look at Riker's Island in New York. A discussion of bail and the presumption of innocence.

Private Prisons
HV9469.P75 (1986)
A discussion of the pros and cons of private prisons and jails.

Restitution and Community Service
HV9304.R47 (1986)
Two alternatives to the traditional sanctions, focusing on the Quincy, Massachusetts program.

School Prayer, Gun Control, and the Right to Assemble
KF4550.A1C.A166 No. 9-10 (1985)
A discussion of the establishment clause of the 1st amendment.

Search and Seizure
KF9630.S42 (1985)
Divergent viewpoints of police, public defenders, and prosecuting attorneys regarding the authority of police to search and detain suspects.

KF9685.S44 (1984)
Several perspectives on the complexities of American sentencing, including development of sentencing guidelines.

Super Chief: The Life & Legacy of Earl Warren
KF8745.W3S87 (1989)
Portrait of the Supreme Court Justice whose activist policies dramatically changed our criminal justice system.

This Honorable Court
KF8742.T54 (1985)
Factual account of the history of the Supreme court. Several landmark cases are discussed.

To Defend a Killer: Ethics in America
BJ11.E74 V.2 (1989)
A case study on the differing viewpoints on the morality and ethics involved in defending and prosecuting a killer. Victim's rights vs. defendant's rights.

Truth on Trial: Ethics in America
BJ11.E74 V.8 (1989)
A discussion of the question: Does our adversarial system allow lawyers to act in unethical, and immoral ways?

T.V. and Violence
PN1992.6.T98 (1985)
A discussion of recent studies on the relationship between watching violence on television and committing violent acts.

What Can We Do About Violence: Juveniles Locked Up
HV1431.W49 V.1 (1995)
Frank and honest discussions with juveniles currently locked up.

What Can We Do About Violence: Domestic Violence, Street Violence
HV1431.W49 V.2 (1995)
A discussion of solutions to family violence, street violence, violence by gunfire and mayhem portrayed in the media.

What Works - Research and the Police
HV8080.P2W48 (1986)
Three experiments - in Kansas City, Minneapolis, and San Diego - that test old and new ways police can prevent crime..

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