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Welcome to my home page! This page is maintained by David K. DeWolf. Please email to ddewolf@lawschool.gonzaga.edu if you have any suggestions.

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Classes for Spring 2015, Gonzaga Law School
Antitrust, Spring 2015
Perspectives, Spring 2015

Articles you may be interested in:

harbTeaching Harbeson (from the Journal of Legal Education, December 2004 (.pdf format)

Same article, but in .htm format 

Electing Judges from the lawdragon.com site

Exchange in the Montana Law Review on Intelligent Design:
Editors' Note: Intelligent Design Articles
Intelligent Design Will Survive - David K. DeWolf, John G. West & Casey Luskin.
Disaster in Dover - Peter Irons.
Rebuttal to Irons - David K. DeWolf, John G. West & Casey Luskin.


Teaching the Origins Controversy:  Science, or Religion, or Speech?, from 2000 Utah L. Rev. 39 (2000) (.pdf format)

Same article, but in .htm format: 

Torts:  Click here





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In Memoriam: Charles Russell Ellwood (Priscilla's father)

Carol Burrowes DeWolf, 1916-2007

Peter L. DeWolf, 1989-2012

Archbishop Chaput's Letter on Humanae Vitae

An Exhibit of the book Charles D'Wolf of Guadaloupe by Rev. Calbraith B. Perry, D.D.

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