Dear Friends of the DeWolf family!

It's been so long since we sent a Christmas letter that it's not easy to figure out what news needs to be covered.

1995 was an eventful year in the religion department. After stuggling for several years David finally found a home at Eastertime when he was received into the Roman Catholic Church. Through the generosity of a friend Priscilla was able to attend a retreat over Labor Day in Anchorage, Alaska with Fr. Donald McGuire, S.J., the retreatmaster who so impressed David last October. She has begun receiving instruction through a wonderful Benedictine abbot who pastors a parish near Gonzaga. Who knows where it will all lead!

Charles has entered adolescence (and 8th grade) and tries to juggle his strong interest in math, an addiction to skiing, a peer group of boys with similar interests, and (when he can fit it in) being part of a large family. Charles played football this year and his parents were quite relieved when he finished the season uninjured.

Maja is in the middle of her last year (6th grade) at Evergreen Elementary. A story that she wrote and illustrated was so cute that her dad put it on the Internet (http:// She and her cousin Heather spent large chunks of the summer together, either in Spokane or in California.

Robin is slowly building her reading vocabulary. Thanks to a dedicated first-grade teacher she learned the basics of reading phonetically and is getting more fluent each week. She also sings in a children's choir, which David accompanies on the piano. (We still go to Whitworth Presbyterian Church when we can, since the kids have a good program there and the music is wonderful.)

Peter started kindergarten this year and continues to be a beloved youngest child (David can relate to that--at least for 11 years!). He and Robin have nice playmates in the neighborhood, with whom they swim in the summer, sled in the winter, build treehouses, pull all the toys off the shelf and pile them up in the middle of the playground, etc.

Hope you can come visit us in Spokane!