Writings - Mother Teresa

 Mother Teresa's Address to the Beijing Conference
Mother Teresa's Address in Peoria (December 10, 1995), and a brief description of her visit
Mother Teresa's speech at the National Prayer Breakfast

Writings - Others'

Fr. William Watson's Homily at the Mass of the Holy Spirit, September 15, 1999
The CDF's Advice on Legislative Proposals Aimed at Non-discrimination Toward Homosexual Persons
Henry Hyde's Eloquent Plea to End Partial Birth Abortion
Henry Hyde's Speech in Support of Impeachment
Address by Justice Clarence Thomas at Holy Cross
The America We Seek: A Prolife Declaration from First Things
Pastoral Letter on Courage by John R. Keating, Bishop of Arlington
Review of Fr. McBrien's Catholicism by the NCCB Committee on Doctrine
Bishop Skylstad's Letter on Partial Birth Abortion
Statement by the Bishops of Washington about Compassion in Dying
Bishop Skylstad's Statement to His Flock on Assisted Suicide
Scalia's Dissent in Planned Parenthood v. Casey
Father Coughlin's Address to the Faculty, August 25, 1995
Mother Teresa's Address to the Beijing Conference
The Holy See's Final Statement re the Beijing Conference (Mary Ann Glendon)
Fr. Peter Ely's Description of Jesuit Education: The Memory of Justice
Helen Alvare's Statement on Partial Birth Abortion
The American Cardinals' Statement on Partial Birth Abortion
Anne Marie Liebhaber's Mother's Day Homily, 1996
Charles Rice's Can the Killing of Abortionists Be Justified? (The Answer is No, by the way)
Prayer to Mary from Evangelium Vitae

Writings - My Own

Jerry Tucker Slide

The 2000 Jerry Tucker Lecture







"Converting One at a Time," published in When Only One Converts






"Through Deep Waters," a letter to my mother from Home at Last





   My Remarks in Support of I-99-2 at the Law School Debate, 9/30/99 A Pro-Life Case for the Daschle Bill, WSJ, June 6, 1997
Drinan v. DeWolf on Partial Birth Abortion Ban
DKD's Letter of Application (1996) to Dean Search Committee at University of Detroit Mercy Law School

DKD’s Letter of Application (Unsuccessful) to GU Law Dean Search Committee
DKD Columns published in the Bill of Particulars (Gonzaga student paper)

Impeachment Debate: DeWolf (for Impeachment) v. Frank Bowman (against Impeachment), October 12, 1998 (Part 1)

Impeachment Debate: Part 2

 My Letter to the City Council re Human Rights Ordinance
Exchange between Leonard Pitts and DKD in the Spokesman-Review

DKD's letter  in response to Father Burghardt's Homily at the Red Mass, 1997 and his gracious response
DKD Review (in Christian Scholar's Review) of Garry Wills' Lincoln at Gettysburg
Fetal Position: The pro-life Majority in Congress has a unique opportunity to enact sensible limits on Abortion, National Review, March 20, 1995
DKD's Reflection on Scripture for Respect Life Sunday, January 18-19, 1997 (St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Spokane)
DKD Remarks to Orlando Pro-Life Conference
Our 1995 Christmas letter

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