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Jeff D. Cronk


Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Gonzaga University


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Selected Publications

Cronk JD, Rowlett RS, Zhang KYJ, Tu C, Endrizzi JA, Lee J, Gareiss PC, Preiss JR. (2006). Identification of a novel noncatalytic bicarbonate binding site in eubacterial β-carbonic anhydrase. Biochemistry 45: 4351-4361.

Cronk JD. (2002). β-carbonic anhydrases: New insights from structural studies (Review). J Plant Biochem Biotech 1: 191-208.

Cronk JD, Endrizzi JA, Cronk MR, O'Neill JW, Zhang, KYJ. (2001). Crystal structure of E. coli β-carbonic anhydrase, an enzyme with an unusual pH-dependent activity.  Protein Science 10: 911-922.

Rose RB, Endrizzi JA, Cronk JD, Holton J & Alber T. (2001).  High-resolution structure of the HNF-1α dimerization domain. Biochemistry  39:15062-15070.

Cronk JD, O'Neill JW, Cronk MR, Endrizzi JA, Zhang KYJ. (2000). Cloning, crystallization and preliminary characterization of a beta carbonic anhydrase from Escherichia coliActa Crystallographica D56: 1176-1179.