Feminist Thought

POLS 341/WOMS 401

Dr. Brunell

E-mail:  brunell@gonzaga.edu




Unit 1:  Feminist Theories, Methods and Epistemologies

Definitions of Feminism and Feminist Theory

Essence vs. Social Construction

Consciousness Raising

Feminist Method, Feminist Epistemology


In a Different Voice:  Towards a Feminist Ethics


Black Feminism

Multi-Cultural Feminism


Functionalism, Conservatism

Conservatism, Nature, Sex and Biological Difference

Feminist Critiques of Bio-determinism

Feminist Critiques of Motherhood

From Biology to Ethics:  Ruddick on the Experience of Mothering


Unit 2:  Liberalism




Walsh Critique

JS Mill

Harriet Taylor

Liberalism in First Wave Feminism in the US

Liberalism in Second Wave Feminism in the US

Liberalism and Contemporary Conservative Feminism

MacKinnon's Critique of Liberalism

Rape/Pornography:  Coercion, Torture and Consent

Notes to Chapters 23-25

John Rawls


Unit 3:  Marxism and Feminist Uses and Critiques of Marxism

Karl Marx:  His Life and Mode of Analysis

Marxism:  The Communist Manifesto

Friedrich Engels:  On the Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State

Feminist Critiques of Marxism

Socialist Feminism


Hannah Arendt


Unit 4:  Existentialism/Post-Structuralism/Sexuality

 Simone de Beauvoir

Joan W Scott

Post-Modernism/Queer Theory

MacKinnonŐs Critique of Postmodernism


Unit 5: Radical Feminism

Radical Feminism
 Mary Daly
On Christianity
    On Patriarchal Sado-Rituals

Global Radical Feminism: MacKinnon's Are Women Human?
Notes to Chapter 1, "On Torture"

Notes to Chapter 22

Notes to Chapters 23-25  

Rich:  Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence


Unit 6:  The Third Wave and Global Feminism

The Third Wave

Global Feminism

MacKinnon's Are Women Human?
Notes to Introduction