CHEM 101
General Chemistry

J. D. Cronk    Syllabus   

General chemistry topics

Available topics include:

Acids and bases: An introduction
Acids and bases: The Br√łnsted-Lowry definition
Atoms: An introduction
Atoms: The quantum mechanical model
Chemical bonding
Chemical equations
Chemical kinetics
Chemical thermodynamics
Conversions between units and dimensional analysis
Electromagnetic radiation and waves
Electromagnetic radiation and quantum theory
Electrolytes: Aqueous ionic species
Electronegativity and bond polarity.
Energy: CHEM 101 primer.
Equilibrium: An introduction to chemical equilibrium.
Equilibrium: Quantitative treatment of equilibria.
Equilibrium: Weak acid-base equilibria.
Equilibrium case studies: Weak acid and weak base equilibria
Formal charge: Electron bookkeeping tool for Lewis structures.
Gases and the ideal gas law
Heat and heat capacity
Hydronium ion
Intermolecular forces
Ionic and net ionic equations
Ionization energy and periodic trends for the elements
Isotopes - includes weighted average calculation.
Kinetics: Rate laws
Kinetic molecular theory (Advanced topic)
Labs for CHEM101
Le Ch√Ętelier's Principle: A qualitative view of equilibrium.
Lewis structures: Symbolic representations of molecules and polyatomic ions. Examples and rules.
Lewis structures: Octet rule violations.
Measurement - includes types of error, significant figures, units, and unit conversions.
Molecular structure
Oxidation-reduction reactions: Assigning oxidation states and identifying redox reactions.
Periodic table
Precipitation reactions
Significant figures ("sig-figs")
Vocabulary Chemical vocabulary 101